Desalinized water & life activity of microorganisms

For science it is important to solve the problem of accuracy using demineralized water (distilled, bidistilled passing through milipore filter, etc.) in biological and medical experiments. Developed at the Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry NAS of Ukraine integrated approach to water quality bioassay allows you to objectively assess its impact on the livelihoods of different organisms [1, 2]. Its essence is that at the level of the body analyzed responses from different taxonomic groups and trophic levels - plants, invertebrates and vertebrates (ie determined
general and acute toxicity of water), and at the level of cells - structural and functional changes in genomes (it turns genotoxicity and cytotoxicity). Obtained using this approach, data can be used for objective assessment of the impact of such water on human health.

Biotesting demineralized water at the organismal level. There has been a series of studies using different test organism


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