Why steeping mushrooms preserves health?

By amount of vitamins fungi with ease will outstrip grain, for example, such vitamins as PP, D, A are substantially stored in this forest product. Thanks to sulfur and polysaccharides, fungi prevent developing of cancer.

Different types of mushrooms are capable of helping to cope with such diseases as ulcer, gastritis, digestive tube diseases, kidneys, etc.

The mushrooms, as well as any other products, can accumulate nitrates and harmful components, inherent in the area where they grow, into themselves. Therefore it is necessary to follow rules of collecting mushrooms strictly, to bring them together in pollution-free areas only, taking no risks by cutting off an unknown mushroom, to specifying where the mushroom was broken upon purchase in the market etc. It is not recommended to cook food out of aged, overripe and softened mushrooms in order to prevent serious consequences.

Mushrooms are irreplaceable in cookery. They are loved practically by everybody: both adults and children alike. They make soups, broths, gravies and sauces fragrant and having the mass of useful components. Fungi are easily combined with mass of other products like: meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, for example.

How to steep fungi

Mushrooms need to be steeped and to kept in such condition for 4 hours before beginning to prepare some dish with them.

Toxic substances, nitrates and other harmful elements which will not just spoil the taste of a dish, but can also seem health-hazardous, are removed from mushrooms by means of steeping.

Nothing happens with the mushrooms while processing with useful substances, while the product becomes tender and soft.

Mushrooms are scouring with flowing water in order to clean parts of soil, leaves and other mechanical pollution before carrying out steeping.

Mushrooms are steeped in the water purified of harmful impurities and hardness salts with sour pH.

Water elicits all those harmful components accumulated in mushrooms out of the latter, time having kept vitamins and useful substances in wholeness at the same. Acid water promotes the fastest washing away of alkaloids from mushrooms. These substances negatively display on the person’s function of heart, changing the pressure significantly.