Free radicals being the reason for many diseases

What exactly is going on? It is all about external factors like:

• Stresses;

• Improper feeding;

• Poor ecology;

• Smog;

• Polluted water;

• Alcohol;

• Tobacco.

We interfere with tens of thousands "negative" factors which react with oxygen by getting into our organism each day. This or that reaction cuts off, or on the contrary, adds an electron to oxygen molecules.

The result is: the electron which did not receive the couple "goes into free swimming" through the organism and "takes away" electrons from cell-like membranes. These electrons received the name of free radicals.

The free radicals are also necessary to our organism, of course. They are involved in protection of DNA, nervous system, immunity directly, however …

If there is more than norm of them, they begin to parasitize the organism by "devouring" it. The surplus of free radicals leads towards the atrophy of cells, and cell-like colonies sometimes, as well as destruction of DNA and a senilism.

The free radicals become the reason for such diseases as:

• Cancer;

• Strokes;

• Heart attacks;

• Senilism;

• Alzheimer's disease;

• Atherosclerosis.

Actually it is only a tiny part of diseases which arise in the organism being overflowed with free radicals. You want to avoid them? Lead healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food. Drink proper water.

The truth was not so hard, was it?