Features of preparation of physical and full-fledged water for diabetics

What water suits diabetics

For improvement of health at a diabetes mellitus it is the best of all to use the mineral water enriched micro and macrocells. Calcium, magnesium fluorine normalizes production of insulin. It is the best of all to use still mineral water.

Mineral water and Diabetes. Types and influence

1. Table water. It is allocated with weak spaciousness micro and macrocells for stimulation of a pancreas. There are no contraindications to the use. The lack of minerals is compensated by the weak cleaning of an organism of slags and toxins. Table water is recommended to be used for cooking.

2. Table medicinal water. Consumption of such water needs to be controlled as salts are its part. Its excessive use can break hydrochloric and water balance.

3. Medicinal mineral water. Content of salts here high therefore not to do much harm to itself, before the water use surely consult at the doctor.

It is worth knowing

• Do not replace water alone with tea, coffee or compote. Drink a glass - two after awakening. It will help your organism to fill the liquid lost during sleep.

• If during food you want to drink, drink. Little by little. It will help food to be acquired normally.

• Drink water of ambient temperature. Cold water can cause a stomach spasm, and the food will get into intestines, without having been digested.

Water is life. Appreciate it and good luck!