Truskavets Waters for diabetics

"Naftusia" Truskavets mineral water helps to bring stones and sand out of kidneys, gall bladder, bile ducts. It protects bodies from their further emergence.

"Naftusia" Truskavets mineral water "polishes" liver, influences immunity well, prevents cancer diseases development, stimulates work of intestines and digestive tube.

 “Maria” Truskavets mineral water

This is the water with high content of chloride, sulfate and sodium. “Maria” is recommended for people with:

• Diabetes mellitus;

• Pancreatitis;

• Digestive tract diseases.

“Maria” water reduces work of gastric secretion, saves digestive tract from spasms, improves a metabolism.

 “Sofia” Truskavets mineral water

This is the most mineralized water in Truskavets City. It is recommended at:

• Gastritis;

• Colitis;

• Whil ulcer;

• Diseases of stomach and intestines.

Water is applied not only inside, but used for enemas and external application (bathtubs).

Of course, it is not the complete list of mineral waters in Truskavets, which feed the body with most essential components anyway and exert beneficial influence on whole organism in general.

If you want to include mineral medicinal water in the diet, be sure to consult with the doctor and adhere to his recommendations. Good luck!