Lipids and consequences of their oxidation

1. The LP accompanies oxidation of the proteins entering the cell-like membrane’s structure. This process leads to cataract development.

2. The LP makes cell-like membrane defenseless before "attacks" of Calcium and Hydrogen ions.

3. The LP reduces protective functions of a membrane.

Present such picture. The free radicals ruthlessly attack your organism. They take hostage fatty acids and turn them into peroxide molecules.

Now the organism is subject to the double attack. The free radical attack destroys membranous layer on one hand. And peroxide which starts the oxidation process directed to the same cell-like membranes’ destruction on the other.

These processes cause harmful influence on the organism in turn. Lipoid peroxidation leads to:

• Cirrhosis;

• Atherosclerosis;

• Muscle dystrophy;

• Ageing;

• Ischemia;

• Thrombosis.

It is necessary to watch the body continuously in order to be healthy. The best means against the free radicals which "start" pathogenic processes are antioxidants.

One of the main antioxidant is, certainly, alkaline water. But you should not forget about food and green tea also. Eat properly. Drink useful water. And nothing will do much harm to your health in this case.