Why is smart reverse osmosis more beneficial than standard reverse osmosis?

To ensure that water purified by standard reverse osmosis is suitable for everyday use in everyday life, additional devices can be used - for example, a mineralizer. And this - additional troubles and expenses.
All these problems are solved if the water is purified by
smart reverse osmosis. Different models of these filtration systems are equipped with different cartridges and devices, which makes it possible, first, to get rid of all mechanical, chemical and biological contamination of water.
Secondly, with the help of intelligent reverse osmosis, the initial water is immediately filled with minerals necessary for the body. Third, water is structured, its ORP increases, and pH is corrected to alkaline values.
Thus, cleaning the water in a smart way back, without additional devices, costs and hassle, we get really healthy drinking water. At what to do it it is possible directly before its or her use, therefore she always fresh and does not contain viruses and bacteria