Field conditions water purification from microorganisms

Without a thing

If you appeared without impromptu means, it is possible to use clothes instead. Any element of clothes like: hat, cap, jacket, and sleeve, to be exact … It serves as a kind of filter via which water purification process occurs.

If water is too polluted, it needs to be filtered multiply until liquid becomes transparent. Pour a thin stream of water directly into the middle of fabric into the beforehand made deepening to avoid the leaking.

Boil in order to disinfect

Boiling is the fastest way to disinfect water from a source. Pour water into a kettle and put on live fire. The time of water boiling depends on extent of pollution. 10-15 minutes will be enough for pure water, and no less than half an hour for more polluted one.

To strengthen disinfecting effect you can add (fir-tree, juniper, pine) needles, oak bark, moss (growing on stones only), calendula, violet, and tumbleweed to the water. Boiling time needs to be increased also, of course.

Herbs boil about 6 hours, while needles, moss and oak from 40 minutes till 2 hours. Needless to say it is necessary to wash "nature gifts" out properly before sending them to the copper.

Disinfection by means of chemistry

Water can be disinfected by means of express tablets. These tablets produce the fissile chlorine during contact with water. It will purify the water, of course. Drinking it is not recommended, however, as it may prove harmful to health, however.

Water filters

These are the ideal solution for those who love comfort. And the type of water in the source is not important. The filter will cope with all "pests" and will prepare the organism useful water. Compact, mild and mobile, it will become an irreplaceable thing in any conditions.

Have a nice travel!