The Free Radicals and Diabetes


The free radicals are the elements conducting oxidation process in a human body. Their surplus leads to cell-like membranes’ and immune system destruction, as well as ageing.

The free radicals formation occurs at the moment when the oxygen participating in a metabolism loses an electron. In order to fill the loss, the free radical selects an electron from cell-like membrane, transforming it to a new free radical. 

The type of water needed for infant formula preparation


It is widely thought that tap water should not be used in capacity of nutrition for tender age children as it contains unhealthy substances for the kid. Nevertheless, young mothers have a choice, for they can use water from various sources in order to prepare infant formula: the express filtered water in bottles, the artesian or a spring one.

Why is smart reverse osmosis beneficial for cooking for children?


Water, which is used in cooking for children, must meet certain requirements, so as not to cause harm to a small immature and at the same time growing body. It does not allow the content of any contaminants - either visible (for example, rust or sand), or invisible (bacteria or viruses), and there should be a minimum amount of certain nutrients, correct pH, and ORP.

The free radicals and aging


Wish not to grow old and always to remain attractive? In the modern realities it becomes more difficult to be made, however. What a paradox!

There are so many various creams and medical cosmetics meant for skin care. The fact, nevertheless, remains. Only love towards yourself will help you to keep beauty and youth.

It is not about narcissism. No. It is about love towards your body. To love itself, means leading healthy lifestyle, eating proper food, drinking proper water.

Only then it is possible to keep youth not only of skin, but that of a soul also for many years. But let us return to the main question, shall we? What "activates" aging process exactly? 

Vital Energy purified water as a basis of nursing mother’s diet


It is widely thought that the organism of an adult removes about 1,5 liters of liquid in average daily during respiration, diaphoresis, along with urine and feces. A woman loses much more liquid during breastfeeding as water is used by an organism for milk production also.

It is necessary to make up such a loss of liquid as the lack of water in the organism can lead to undesirable consequences: the metabolism is broken, toxins are not removed and, as a result, rapid fatigue, headaches and dizziness, locks and other unpleasant symptoms appear.

Nano membrane will purify even puddle water


Water treatment with reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes are very popular today. They managed to prove themselves as high performance and cost effective devices.

They also purify adequately salt added, fresh, and even sea water. Why waste time on trifles! They would purify even puddle water so that it will become more useful than any bottled mineral water, and that is no exaggeration. 

Why is it that can water should be given to children after smart reverse osmosis without boiling?


Parents are afraid to give the children raw water. They believe that it is full of viruses and bacteria, because of what a child can get sick. After all, children have not yet formed immunity and they are very susceptible to various diseases, so water must be boiled.
Fears of the parents in this regard are fully justified, since in water practically from any source there are not only viruses and bacteria, but also microscopic fungi, algae, and other unpleasant inhabitants. They live in tap water, in the f water, and even in bottled water.

Why it is important not to allow bacteria, viruses and fungi hitting inside?


What bacteria, viruses and fungi are dangerous to a human body with?

 Why we receive the recipe from the doctor on antibiotics in one case, while he prescribes us to drink grass infusions in the other? Let us find out.

Microbes are unseen to a human eye. And they are a source of all our diseases. Microbes are not created equal, however

WHO about water



Nutrients in potable water

Water, sanitation, health and the environment.


In November 2003, a group of experts in nutrition and medicine gathered in Rome (the European Center for Environment and Health) to work on issues related to the composition of drinking water and its possible contribution to the total supply of nutrients. The initial objective of this meeting was to contribute to the development of the Guidelines for the Healthy and Environmentally Safe Desalination of Water, introduced by the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, for the preparation of the 4th edition of the WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (DWCP).
In particular, the question arose about the consequences of long-term use of demineralized water: on sea water and brackish water subjected to desalination, on fresh water processed in the membrane system, and on recreating their mineral composition.

Why it is better not to boil water for tea, but to heat it up to the necessary temperature (lower than 100 ° C)


The difference between heated and boiled in water for tea

To choose water for tea preparation is only half the battle, as it turns out. Furthermore, it is necessary to be to heat the water in order to make the drink properly. Because underboiled or overboiled water spoils the taste of tea.

For those who appreciate tea. The correctly heated water problem is particularly acute very much. The electric kettle is disconnected only in cases when water passes the mark of 100 degrees in it. While one should be incessant for common teapot. For this is quite another matter. Because you bathe in a curly-headed hot steam cloud in case of overlook. 

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