Why Vital Energy Osmo technology increases immunity?


There are a number of bacteria at the crude water able to break intestinal microflora by getting into human body. This is one of the reasons why immunity suffers. It is possible to warn when one should use the water purified on Vital Energy Osmo technology. Innovative development of a filtration allows detaining even the most resistant microorganisms.

What sort of organic materials are part of multi-stage water purification systems?


In our diet, we usually give preference to organic products. The products that have passed the environmental certification that is, which confirms that they will not harm our health. Water is the main food and, in addition, it is also the best solvent, so when filtering it, only organic materials that are absolutely safe for our health should be used.

Why boiled water is noxious to health


Much was said that it is better not to use boiled water as potable one recently. Express teapots and coolers even appeared capable of bringing water to temperature, necessary for hot drinks’ preparation, not boiling it, however. Why boiled water is considered non-potable, unhealthy and often called "dead" one?

The free radicals and diabetes mellitus


The modern science considers that the free radicals (oxidizers) do irreparable damage to the organism in large quantities. And you should not dismiss the question concerning organism oxidation after all. On the contrary, it is necessary to study it as deeply as possible.

The fact that free radicals are the cause of diabetes mellitus had been proved for long time. Let us consider the data of the experiment made on mice. Mice were divided into two groups.

The first group was punctured with alloxan medical supply within three days. The result of the experiment was that: carbohydrate imbalance manifestation, the emergence of particles with uncoupled electrons, the final fracture of beta cells, and diabetes mellitus type 1. 

Why meat should be boiled at expressly prepared water in two stages?


Various hormonal medicines are often applied on homesteads and poultry farms for intensive body height of a bird and cattle. It can also be antibiotics used for prophylactic treatment of diseases for animals and birds. Chemicals have property to accumulate in meat and get into a human body after its use. Consequences of such meat’s use can be different: an imbalance of hormones, food poisonings, immunity decrease, lowering of sensitivity level towards antibiotics.

It is necessary to carry out meat’s heat treatment in order to reduce concentration of chemicals in it.

Cancer therapy by alkaline water


In spite of the fact that the fabulous sums are allocated for fighting cancer, there was no success of winning it. The disease looks younger, mortality grows. Why?

Perhaps, the world community underestimates such process as oxidation, as it is inherent to the organism also. Let us look at the facts. 

The drinking mode, doctors’ recommendations for weight loss


Doctors recommend. As well as how many to drink waters to lose weight.

It is possible to talk endlessly about advantages of water. Water is a source of pure energy which keeps our health in tone. The more water we drink, the better we feel.

How much water needs to be drunk per day?

The standard daily rate of water for men, women and children varies. It needs to be regulated depending on weight, season, and physical activity. An adult has to use no less than two liters of water for organism’s normal functioning in average. 

Children as a basic group of risk for fungi, micromycetes


In spite of rapid technology evolution, medical experts (immunologists, microbiologists, pathophysiologists, pathologists and others) clearly designate tendency of increase in reasons of the person’s diseases caused by various microorganisms, including micromycetes these days.

Micromycetes are fungi. The diseases caused by them are called mycoses or micotoxicoses. These enemies of person’s health, imperceptible to an eye, are high-organized creations of Mother Nature and quickly adapt to survival in any kind of environment, even the most aggressive one.

They represent extensive group of microscopic fungi which differ in external symptoms, habitats, development cycles, diets and procreation methods. In the course of activity Micromycetes can emit specific toxins that cause in the person micotoxicosis. Microscopic fungi can get into a human body while consuming foodstuff or polluted water, after bathing in polluted reservoirs, contact with animals, etc.

Advantages of cartridge for military and tourists


Purified water in field conditions. Why military men and tourists need this  cartridge.

You never know where life will take you next. Perhaps on the front line, or, quite possibly, to the journey in the most distant corner of Earth. It is always necessary to be fully equipped, even while leaving comfort zone anyway.

Especially it concerns potable water. There be can be no sources of clear spring water in the area you would reside at. While drinking water is necessary, because it gives life.

If people had to drink everything in extreme conditions to survive 15 years ago, literally, the current situation is much simpler. The 21st century presented a set of devices which help us out in difficult situation. A cartridge meant for water, for example. 

Water and metabolism


Water and metabolism. What role water plays in metabolism process.

There is a strong, continuous link between potable water and metabolism. According to scientists, water accelerates metabolism, transports elements necessary for an organism, absorbs and removes the outside surplus of thermal energy which is formed in the course of food disintegration. 

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