Why soaking vegetables and fruits are useful when cooking?


Experienced mistresses know that vegetables and fruits will change some of their properties if to cover them with water for several hours. For example, all harmful and spoiling taste components (essential oils and bitter taste) will pour out of vegetables and fruits, a part of a fruit will get separated from pip or peel, and common softening of all products will occur. Products become softer after soaking in order for the person to chew them over, and for the digestive tube to split them easier.

But, despite of such culinary reception’s pluses as soaking, it has particular shortcomings. A set of useful elements such as: vitamins, non-organic salts and phytoncides are washed away from products with water together with bitter taste and essential oils.

Alcohol as organism acidifier


The way alcohol harms an organism

It is widely thought that alcohol is a norm in the modern society. As if alcohol causes less destructive consequences than drugs. However, it is simpler to close eyes to a problem, than to fight against it. 

What alcohol actually is?

Alcohol is a poison. It gradually destroys our organism by getting into it, section by section. Think. 96% of alcohol kills all living microorganisms to which it has been in contact with.

For this reason it is used for sterilization of instruments. And now imagine what alcohol does to your internals. By all means, the spirits concentration in it is many times lower, but effect of "sluggish death" is much less attractive.

Moreover, alcohol together with dyes and sugar is the "rattling mix" capable of turning your organism "upside down". At first it corrodes mucous of the stomach. Further reaches the liver, while saving your brain neurons "for snack".

Why water is an important product in cookery?


Water is a basis for any food preparation, it is impossible to cook tasty soup or favorite potato puree without it. Water is a part practically all the known dishes we love, but it cannot be specified in the recipe. Water such known and widespread product that does not draw any special attention to itself in the kitchen and does not attract interest of people around.

Cookery is a science about preparation methods of various food and dishes which the person needs from vegetable and animal origin products. Water is a basis for all of cookery; any cooking will not do without it.

It is important to follow particular rules called preparation technology in the kitchen. Practically all products pass a heat and chemical treatment before use.

The factors causing organism oxidation


Reasons for organism oxidation

The organism oxidation causes the mass of incurable diseases. It is one of probable theories confirmed by numerous scientific experiments.

Acidic environment corrodes healthy organism cells. It gradually destroys the organism from within as if it was a time bomb. Everything begins with immune and nervous systems’ destruction, and everything further, according to the anatomy textbook. 

The proper temperature for welding up tea is 90-95 C for black tea, 70-85 C for green and 65-75 C for white, only under such circumstances will the tea be useful.


The series of antibacterial cartridges the effectiveness of which is proved by Sanitary and Epidemic Control is developed to secure against the microorganisms, bacteria and viruses contained into the water.

Why boiled water does not delete bacteria?


Water is the favorable environment for dwelling for various harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. There is an opinion that all of them perish when boiling, yet it not absolutely so. Water needs to be boiled up to 30 minutes in order that the main harmful substances disappeared from it at least. Some microorganisms, nevertheless, remain, at the same time.

Coffee and water


Coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on our planet. Many people cannot imagine the morning and continuation of day without this invigorating drink. There is an opinion that coffee stimulates the organism’s activity and improves serviceability. Some experts, however, claim that its impact on human body can be various. Everything depends on how to prepare and take drink, and water in this process plays a prime role.

What is the uniqueness of Vital Block G pH and ORP devices?


For water to really benefit our health,  not only it should be pure, but also have a pH and ORP that are as close as possible to these indicators of human blood. If the drinking water for pH and ORP parameters does not correspond to the parameters of the human internal environment, its body will have to use its mineral reserves and a large amount of energy to bring the properties of such water in line with its internal environment. And as a result, water with inadequate indicators not only uses the internal energy of a person but can also cause a number of diseases.

Water Online. Your 8 glasses of water per day


Water is a source of biotic forces and energy. It needs to be drunk. And it is necessary to drink enough water.

Nutritionists do not recommend drinking a glass of water in 15-20 minutes prior to meal for nothing. Water clears intestines and promotes digestion of vitamins and minerals necessary for an organism.

The person has to use no less than 1,5-2 liters of water in total per day. These are about 8 glasses. But there is an indispensable condition: water has to be pure.

Only pure water is useful for health, and the fact that it flows from the tape and is on sale in bottles (which is all the same) is a poison for human body. Where to take water alone? 

What's the difference between Vital Mix Optima & Nano antiviral pressure cartridges?


Despite the fact that both types of cartridges are polyfunctional filters, that is, they are designed for complex water purification from many pollutants, there is a difference between them.
The anti-virus pressure cartridge Vital Mix Nano allows to solve five main tasks related to the preparation of high-quality water:

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