Reverse osmosis Aquatop RO5 consists of five stages of purification:

Filter pre-treatment of water from mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns.

The second stage is a coal cartridge, the main task of which is the removal of chlorine from the water.

The final stage of the pre-cleaning modules is another mechanical cartridge with a hole size of 1 μm.

The fourth stage and, perhaps, the main filtering module is the reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane filters out 99% of the contaminants. Water that has not been cleaned is drained into the sewerage system.

The fifth, final cartridge is a coal "post filter", which improves the taste of water.

Complete set of reverse osmosis system Aquatop RO5:

Filter assembly - 1 piece.

Crane (single) - 1 piece.

Set of cartridges - 1 set.

Buck (8 / 12l) - 1 pcs.

Connection set - 1 set.

Instruction - 1pcs.


Working pressure - 2 ... 6 bars

Operating temperature - 5 ... 45 0С

Diameter of connection - 1/2 "

Type of membrane - 50 GPD

Productivity - 200 l / day

Productivity - 8 l / h

Attention! Do not allow excess inlet pressure. Maximum working pressure is 6 bars! Install the gear unit in case of excess.

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Reverse Osmosis Filter Aquatop RO5

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