• The filter-jug, 2,5l


Ergonomic Filter Jug Health 2.5L for water treatment with increased volume for household water treatment. It can be easily taken with you on any trip: for a city, for the sea or for a summer residence. The quality of the source water: tap water, safe in a bactericide. Purpose: delays mechanical impurities (sand, silt, clay and others); Removes heavy metals, chlorine, organochlorine compounds, radioactive elements, petroleum products; Salt hardness and iron. Clears from a variety of microorganisms. Reduces turbidity, color. Improves the taste, the smell of water. Preserves the micro-and macro-elements necessary for the organism during purification. Packing: filter jug, replaceable cartridge "Universal".


A unique funnel design with protection from the lid drop

Ergonomic grip that fits easily in the arm

Increased capacity of the jug and funnel

A jug made of high-quality plastic, approved for contact with drinking water

The design of the filter jug ​​for water purification

- inner funnel into which the cartridge is screwed

- cartridge "Universal"

- pitcher for purified water

- cover


Volume of the jug 2,5l

The volume of the funnel is 1.2l

Overall dimensions (W × H × D) 288 × 277 × 134 mm

Filtration rate not less than 3 l / h

Water temperature from +4 to +30 ° C

Resource cartridge 200 * l or 400 * l

Service life 12 months from start of operation

Shelf life 2 years from the date of manufacture

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The filter-jug, 2,5l

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