Preparation of water for baby food (drink, mixture, cereal, puree soups). Purification of water from free chlorine, organic substances, hardness, heavy metals, purification from bacteria, viruses, fungi without boiling is carried out.

Why is Vital Energy Osmo technology ideal for infant formula preparation?

The first year of a child's life paves the foundation for his health in the future. And during this period, his health is particularly vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to select quality water for the preparation of infant formula, if breastfeeding for some reason is impossible.

Water should be safe in terms of epidemic indicators, without harmful contaminants, with good organoleptic properties and contain the necessary macroelements, which are usually washed out by reverse osmosis systems.

Vital Energy Osmo technology allows to get water that meets the requirements for baby food. It uses microfiltration membranes that, while purifying water from harmful impurities, preserve biologically useful mineral substances calcium and magnesium, do not reduce pH, eliminate viruses and bacteria.

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Vital Energy Child Osmotic membrane cartridge

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