Vertical mineralizer "pH" - Increases the pH of water to alkaline, lowers the ORP of water. This is a new development of the company. It is universal because they are placed in bottles of different volumes: from 0.33 liters. It is very easy to use. It is an indispensable mineralizer for those who like to go in for sports, to travel. You will always have mineralized alkaline water.

After playing sports

1) 150-200 ml of slightly alkaline water (pH 7.2-8.5);

2) 150-200 ml of oxygen water;

To restore the alkaline balance of the body

50-100 ml of alkaline water (pH 8.5-11.0).

During the day

1) 150-200 ml of slightly alkaline water (pH 7.2-8.5) for 30 minutes. - 1 hour before meals;

2) 150-200 ml of slightly alkaline water (pH 7.2-8.5) at least 2 hours after eating;

3) 150-200 ml of slightly alkaline water (pH 7.2-8.5) during the day if necessary

Composition of food plastic, ceramic balls

Use from 10 minutes

Overall dimensions (WxH) 18x125 mm

Water temperature from +4 to +30 C

Resource of mineralizer 400 * l

Service life from the beginning of operation no more than 2 months, regardless of the frequency of use

Shelf life 2 years from the date of manufacture

Ceramic balls are produced by the patented Korean technology

Convenient to use both in the domestic environment, and in the office, on a trip, while doing sports, morning jogging

You always have the opportunity to use

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Vital Block Vertical Sport Vitalizer

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