• Softening basic set

The kit consists of three cartridges that provide a three-stage post-treatment of water:

1. Cartridge PP "Mechanical cleaning" consists of polypropylene foam fiber. Cleans water of mechanical impurities (rust, sand, silt, clay), large colloidal particles.

2. Cartridge "Softening" is used to purify water with high rigidity, 5.0-7.0 mg * eqv / l, in multi-stage water purification systems. The cartridge contains high-quality cationite gel in Na-form, which has a high ion exchange capacity and provides effective water purification.

3. Cartridge "Coal" with activated carbon from coconut shell. Clears water from chlorine, organochlorine compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum products, pesticides, improves the taste and smell of water, deodorizes and brightens the water.

Recommendations for use:

1) The replaceable polypropylene cartridge must be stored in closed original packaging at a temperature of +5 + 40 ° C, it must not be kept by heating appliances, toxic substances, and substances with a sharp odor.

2) The pressure in the water supply system should be 1.5-6.0 atm. Water temperature +4 + 40o C.

3) After each cartridge replacement, it is necessary to pour water through it for 5 minutes.

4) After a long filter downtime (more than 1 week), you must replace the cartridge.

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Softening basic set

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