• Cartridge for dechlorination

Cartridge for flow-through filters, designed for cleaning cold tap water from chlorine and chlorine. The cartridge should be changed at least once a year.

Stages of filtration

Purification with granulated activated carbon from coconut shell with the addition of a silver bactericidal component. At this stage chlorine, organochlorine compounds are removed, it protects the filter and purified water from microorganisms.

Cleaning with polypropylene fiber. Porous polypropylene fiber removes mechanical impurities and retains particles of filter materials.


Working pressure - 2-4 atm

Cartridge life - 3500 l

Filtering rating is 10 μm

The maximum temperature is 25 ° С

The size is 2.5х10 "

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Cartridge for dechlorination

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