• Vital Energy Medical Antibacterial filter filling
For industrial and domestic water treatment. Clears from salts of hardness, manganese, organic substances, ammonium, iron, nitrates, adjusts the pH level.
Purpose: solves 8 problems of water: cleans water of the main types of contaminants: hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium, oxidability (organic substances), nitrates, adjusts the pH of water and has a static antibacterial effect. Volume: 25 liters.
Composition: mixture of sorbents, ion-exchange resins, components of natural origin
Ion exchange capacity is 1.05 mg × eq / l
Working interval pH is 5-10
Filtration rate is 20 - 25 m3 / h
Backwash speed is 10 - 15 m3 / h
Rate of washing with brine is 3 - 5 m3 / h
Minimum layer height is 500 mm
Optimal layer height is 800 mm
Expenses: 120 - 140 g / l
The concentration of brine is 8-10%
Washing water consumption is 10 l / l
Water temperature: from 0 to +40 ° C.

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Vital Energy Medical Antibacterial filter filling

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