Ways of feeding a child. Discussing water with useful properties for infants

Features of the drinking regime of children on breastfeeding

Consultants for breastfeeding are guided by recommendations of World Health Organization, as a rule, and advise not to finish watering follow-up the up to six months old kid who completely depends on BF. It is considered there is all necessary liquid for the child of this age that in maternal milk.

Water can be given in exceptional cases only: if there is a heat higher than 300 C at the street or in the apartment or if the toddler got ill and it has an elevated body temperature, but refuses breast-feeding at the same time; in these cases he/she needs a large amount of liquid. As a rule, the child can be given qualitative potable water for children with the complementary food introduction after six months.

The child's drinking mode during bottle or mixed feeding

Many doctors consider that the kid needs padding drink which is appointed by the pediatrician individually at BF and MF in general. Usually experts recommend giving water between feedings to the child.

The daily volume of water consumed by the kid depends on his weight. The baby needs about 100 ml of liquid a day on 1 kg of weight in average. When the baby grows up and will weigh more than 10 kg, he/she should use 1 liter of liquid plus 50 ml on each kilogram over 10-kilogram of weight already.

The types of water suitable for kids

Qualitative water for children has to be transparent, flavorless, have neutral taste. Besides, the content of some mineral substances in it has to be minimized (potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.), while the content of silver and carbon dioxide in general is inadmissible.

Water meant for little children is divided into two types. These are: drinking water and baby milk powder attenuation water. Potable water contains more minerals, than infant formula preparation water. These padding components are necessary for the little guy, but are able to break the balance of the formula itself. Therefore, it is not recommended to use potable baby water for baby food preparation.

Express water for tender age children is for sale in bottles. Besides compliance towards necessary requirements, however, such water can have a number of shortcomings. There is no guarantee that the famous brand bought bottled baby water will not be a fake. The remained water cannot be stored for long after the first elucidation of bottle. Pediatricians often recommend using it within a day as various microbes begin to breed in it over time.

Qualitative baby water can be received in household conditions also. It is possible to filter it using Vital Energy Baby cartridge for this purpose. It is possible to purify baby water up to necessary indexes with its help. The water purified in such a way is always fresh, thus already very busy young mothers should not run into the shop to buy it.