Why children get sick from "unknown" diseases?


Why children get sick from "unknown" diseases?

Field conditions water purification from microorganisms


How to purify water of microorganisms in field conditions.

Potable water is a need for all people especially those who like to travel. Skilled tourists perfectly realize that not all routes pass through mountain sources. Therefore, always carry the mass of the most various and, at first sight, ridiculous things with themselves.

But, as practice shows, these things save from thirst. Potable water has to be transparent, without foreign smell. Turbid water, whatever one may do, has to be purified and disinfected. Let's sort out several field water purification methods. 

Why is smart reverse osmosis more beneficial than standard reverse osmosis?


When purified by standard reverse osmosis, the initial water approaches the distilled water in its chemical composition. That is, it does not contain the minerals necessary for the body (for example, calcium and magnesium). Therefore, such water is unsuitable for daily use.
In addition, in the process of water purification with standard reverse osmosis, its physical properties are not corrected. And if it was, for example, tap water, its ORP remains too high, and pH - acid, which, in turn, causes irreparable harm to health.

Lipids and consequences of their oxidation


Lipids are the most extensive group of fatty acids. Lipids take part practically in all vital processes like: sate cells with energy, form cell-like membranes, are a part of blood.

Lipid layer is subjected to free radicals oxidation (Lipid peroxidation (LP)) most of all. It influences the function of cells. The chain reaction leads to the fact that whole organism suffers.

From all existing Lipid peroxidation theories, guesses and assumptions it is possible to allocate three.  

Truskavets Waters for diabetics


If you suffer pancreatic diabetes, it is necessary to be careful not only with food, but also choose potable water attentively. What type of water should we drink? Let us get acquainted with medicinal mineral waters of Truskavets.

 "Naftusia" Truskavets mineral water

This is the water with high content of calcium and magnesium. "Naftusia" Truskavets mineral water is recommended for people with:

• Diabetes mellitus;

• Excess weight;

• Hepatitis;

• Urolithiasis;

• Cystitis.

Features of preparation of physical and full-fledged water for diabetics


For people with a diabetes mellitus the question of drink is particularly acute very much. What to do: to drink much, or to reduce water consumption? Let's understand.

Whether it is necessary to drink at a diabetes mellitus

Diabetes — a disease serious. At Diabetum it is necessary to adhere to a severe diet and a diet, and also to constantly enter insulin into an organism. There is no insulin, glucose ceases to feed cages. And without water insulin transportation is simply not possible.

At a diabetes mellitus do not limit yourself in drink at all. But you approach the choice of water with the maximal responsibility. 

Ways of protecting a child from intestinal bacteria


Intestinal microflora contains various microorganisms like useful and harmful bacteria. While harmful bacteria do not begin to breed and suppress the useful ones, they do not pose a special threat to the organism. It is important not to allow new pathogenic microorganisms’ penetrations into intestines in order to keep this equilibrium.

The bacteria get into intestines via peroral route. Therefore, it is important to watch what the child eats and drinks besides keeping to rules of hands hygiene. It is better not to give to the expired or bought in doubtful places products to the child, but to prepare fresh dishes, carefully wash fresh vegetables and fruits with treated water every day.

Ways of feeding a child. Discussing water with useful properties for infants


There are various opinions of both experts and parents on drinking regime for children at their first year of life. Many people in general agree however that the child need for drink depends on specific features of an organism and is defined by way of feeding the baby, state of his/her health, weight and climatic conditions specifics. Therefore, the chief assistant to mothers in this question is the pediatrician at whom the kid is observed. In general it is possible to allocate the number of common recommendations, however.

Free radicals being the reason for many diseases


There are lots of processes happening in the world, including destructive ones. Let's take an oxidation, for example. The oxygen plays the main role in it.

Without this element we cannot live on the one hand, while the oxygen surplus often leads to irreversible diseases on the other. The lethal outcome is not excluded either.

Oxygen is not dangerous by itself, of course. We will see 8 electrons united in couples when looking at chemical constitution of an element. These couples "wander" our organism and "inhale" life in our cells. 

Why steeping mushrooms preserves health?


People long since use mushrooms as tasty and healthy food on the basis of which one can prepare the mass of interesting dishes.

Recently cut away mushrooms contain a considerable amount of proteins, useful enzymes, sugars and essential oils. For example, there are much less protein in meat, than in common mushrooms. Also, mushrooms are a wellspring of cellulose, lecithin, aliphatic and amino acids which help to cope with atherosclerosis perfectly.

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