Is the water purified with pressure cartridges suitable for children?


Children have not yet formed immunity, so they are especially prone to the dangers of poor quality water. Parents are all well aware of this, therefore, as a rule, they try not to use tap water, but often prefer children's bottled water. However, not always this water is suitable for children, since it is intended for long-term storage, which means that in the course of time, pathogenic microbes may appear and multiply. 

Is it possible to use an antiviral pressure cartridge in complex water purification systems?


Complex purification of water is performed in multi-stage filtration systems. They allow to purify water from virtually all pollutants: mechanical (silt, sand, rust), chemical (chlorine and chlorine compounds, heavy metals, colloidal compounds, nitrates, herbicides, oil products, hardness salts, etc.) and biological (viruses, bacteria, and fungi).

Integrated assessment of the quality packaged still waters quality


Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry. A.V. Duman National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
Received April 12, 2011

The results of a comprehensive assessment of water quality from the trade network in Kiev are presented using analytical chemistry, biotesting using a set of animals and plant test organisms, and microbiological analysis. The criterion for assessing water quality was the integral indicator in conventional units, which allowed to classify the studied waters in one of four categories: "not dangerous", "conditionally dangerous", "dangerous" and "very dangerous".

How is it that smart reverse osmosis differs from standard reverse osmosis?


The main difference between the two filtration systems lies in the specific features of the purification technology, which in turn affects the chemical composition and physical properties of the produced water. And, depending on the characteristics that the source water has, the spheres of its application are also different.
Thus, in the process of filtration using standard reverse osmosis, only molecules of oxygen, water, and proportional elements are passed through it. Therefore, as a result, the initial water is practically sterile with an acidic pH.

Ecological and microbiological monitoring of drinking water quality in the city of Saratov


Ecological and microbiological monitoring of drinking water quality in Saratov. Logashova NB Contents of the dissertation Candidate of Biological Sciences Logashova Natalia Borisovna, INTRODUCTION.Chapter 1. REVIEW OF LITERATURE.1.1. Water as an object of microbiological research. 1.2. Factors affecting the development of bacteria in the aquatic environment.1.3. Participation of microorganisms in the processes of self-purification of reservoirs.1.4. Microbial ammonification in water bodies. Participation of aquatic microorganisms in the processes of nitrification. Modification of the properties of chemical contamination in the process of transformation during the treatment of drinking water.

Desalinized water & life activity of microorganisms




Regarding the impact of demineralized water per person are different opinions. Some scientists believe it useful to health, others point out that this water (or purified from salts and trace elements) - is harmful, causing imbalance of the body, lowers its resistance leads to various diseases. Who is right? The authors based their literary and experimental data, trying to find a reasonable answer to this question.

Comparative characteristic of potable water quality



Benefits of using post filters


Postfilters are used in multi-stage water treatment systems for additional processing. In our devices, we use two types of auxiliary cartridges - "VITAL MIX" and "VITAL BLOCK".

The post-filter "VITAL MIX" uses a unique patented filter mixture, which includes only natural materials. Its advantage is that by using such cartridge the water is further purified from free chlorine and its compounds, dissolved iron, manganese, ammonium, oxidability, and nitrates.

Areas of application for Vital Mix Optima, Vital Mix Nano, and Vital Mix Medical pressure cartridges


In our time of continuous social, economic and environmental shaking, water from almost every source before consumption must undergo special training, part of which is its purification. After all, even clean, at first glance, well water can contain nitrates, and in artesian due to equipment malfunction may appear and multiply various microorganisms. And is it worth remembering again the quality of tap water ...

Advantages of preparation of water to tea and coffee by means of the Water Online system


  • You, surely, would not mind to indulge yourself with a small cup coffee or tea in the morning. But you certainly have no wish to cook these drinks with water from under the faucet (bottle). And even if boiling saves water from some harmful components, something will survive even at 100 degrees all the same.

Moreover, water from underneath the faucet gives a strange smack to the drink which will discourage you to drink it. In order to disclose the true taste of tea or coffee fully, one should prepare water by their own hands for this purpose. 

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