"Vikey" metabolic clinic

Metabolic clinic "Vikey"

Experts of the Vickey Metabolism Clinic know firsthand what effect water has on human health. This is facilitated by the accumulated knowledge, and acquired medical skills, and monitoring the status of patients.

The experience of our doctors and the equipment of the clinic is used not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for the development of innovative water filters in the testing laboratory "MELAVO".

Clinic "Vickey", together with the laboratory "MELAVO", conducted a study, during which the effect of ORP water on important indicators of human blood was studied.

The final conclusions of the joint experiment were used by the creators of water purifiers in the development of innovative filters, which are presented on the website Water Online.  

The "Vikey" clinic regularly conducts researches of the Green Line trademark anti-virus filters, separately checking each batch of products for the effectiveness of purification from viruses and bacteria.

The range of the "Vikey" clinic’s services is much wider than what is presented on the site. You can find out more about the work of the clinic on the site of the health-improving complex - vikey-club.com