“Melavo” international water laboratory

"Melavo" international water laboratory

The “MELAVO” Laboratory  is an international certified testing laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment and equipment. The main activity of the laboratory is the development of effective methods for cleaning and improving the quality of drinking water.

The "MELAVO" Laboratory in the development of water purification formulations uses high-quality raw materials of world producers - leaders in this field. The laboratory carries out long-term comprehensive research to develop high-quality water treatment technologies.

The "MELAVO" Laboratory together with the Metabolic Clinic "Vikey" has developed and implemented "New selection method of water and systems treatment". The development of the "Melavo" laboratory is protected by many patents.

A new method of water purification and preparation system was developed and patented by nutritionists, which is an innovative solution and has no analogs in the world. Considering that water is the same food as meat, fruit or vegetables, its daily dose is several times higher than the demand for all foods combined.

Without the consumption of water in the right quantities, the metabolism in the human body is disturbed, since water delivers useful micro and macro elements to the working cells, which ensures high human performance. Also, water removes toxic waste products and slags from the body, being a natural purifier of the body.

Water treatment and filtration of water anticipate the purification from fungi, microorganisms, and harmful substances that have a negative impact on human health, using various methods of water treatment. The choice of the optimal method of water filtration is determined by the degree and nature of its contamination.