VITAL BLOCK Water Treatment System

The therapeutic and health-improving system VITAL BLOСK is designed to produce healthy activated water with an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) -50 ... -150 MW.

Such water is used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, as well as for the normalization of the functioning of various human life systems. In the blood and tissues of a healthy person, the ORP level is -70 MW.

The process of obtaining water with improving properties is divided into 2 stages:

1) water purification

2) ionization

General characteristics.

The complex system Vital Block Energy allows you to prepare water with an ORP to -250 mV. Delays miromycetes, bacteria and viruses. The ionizer contains 7 regimes for obtaining ionized water with different pH values ​​and ORP of purified water. With this system at home, water with different properties is obtained - acidic for washing vegetables and fruits, acidic and alkaline for the treatment of various diseases, water for cosmetic and hygienic procedures.

The set of the Vital Block Energy system:

I stage - replaceable cartridge made of expanded polypropylene. Basic purification from mechanical impurities and microorganisms (algae, cysts, protozoa, bacteria).

II stage - replaceable cartridge "Carbon-block" made of baked activated charcoal from coconut shell. It is designed for water purification from chlorine, chlororganic compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, improves organoleptic parameters of water quality (taste, smell, taste), reduces color and turbidity of water.

III stage - replaceable cartridge from the backfill activated carbon. Prevents the development of bacteria and stabilizes the bacterial composition of water. It purifies water from chlorine, chlororganic compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum products, pesticides, improves organoleptic parameters of water quality (taste, smell, taste).

IV stage - correction of the smell and taste of water.

V step - an electrical ionizer. It allows to receive water with different index of ORP during electrolysis of water for washing and disinfection of fruits and vegetables, daily drinking, cooking, for sterilization and disinfection of utensils, household utensils, for cleaning the face and skin. The ionizer contains an additional carbon fiber filter for the final preparation of water for ionization.

The most functional water in the world

Developed by nutritionists

5standard patents

15years of: 




"VITAL BLOCK water preparation and purification equipment" patent;

"Bactericidal cartridge for potable water purification" patent;

"VITAL MIX sorptive and filtering mix" patent;

"Type 2 diabetes and obesity treatment method" patent;

The "New water purification and preparation treatment" patent.

Baby foods

- Baby foods preparation


- For facewash

- facial (acne treatment) and post-shaving hygiene.

Skin diseases

- Disinfection of bedclothes and dish;

- Imflammation treatment.


- Food preparation;

- Dietetic water preparation.


- Fruit washing;

- Soup preparations.


- Drinking water while going for sports;

- Washing amino acids and proteins down.


-Ionized ice preparation

Potable water 

- Water meant for everyday drink;

- Water meant for watering down meds.

Taking the medicine

- Taking polyvitamins and their lytholysis;

- Taking cardiac medications.

Preventive treatment for various diseases

- Laryngopathy treatment;

- Varix dilatation treatment;

- Bronchial asthma treatment


- Drinks preparation;

- Tea preparation;

- Coffee preparation.

Organic products cultivation

- Greenhouse fruits & vegetables 

- Watering vegetables

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Vital Block Electro therapeutic and improving system of water treatment and treatment 

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