Vital Energy Baby cartridges provide additional purification of water from the main hazards: chlorine, chlororganic compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum products, pesticides, hardness salts, heavy metals, iron, mechanical impurities, improve taste, color, odor, clean microorganisms using unique cleaning technology and Preparation of water Vital Energy Osmo.

The type of water for making baby formula?

It is believed that tap water in the form in which it is, cannot be used in nutrition of young children, because it contains substances harmful to the health of the baby. Nevertheless, young mothers have a choice, they can use water from different sources to prepare mixtures: a special baby in bottles, filtered tap water, artesian or spring water.

Requirements for water quality for baby food

Water for the nutrition of young children should be safe by epidemic indicators. This means that it is inadmissible the presence of various viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause serious illness in babies.

In addition, there should be no harmful contaminants in children's water, it should have good organoleptic properties, that is, be transparent, odorless, with neutral taste.

There are also certain standards for the maintenance of the necessary minerals in children's water for the preparation of infant formulas. And they are much lower than the content of the same micro- and macro elements in the water, which adults use.

Features of bottled children's water

Children's water, on the label of which it is indicated that it is intended for drinking babies, is not suitable for diluting a dry formula, since it contains more minerals than water for cooking. These micro- and macronutrients are necessary for a growing organism, but they can disrupt the balance of the mixture itself. Therefore, the producers divide the children's water into two types - for drinking and for preparing the mixture.

As a rule, such water meets all the requirements for organoleptic properties and composition. However, experts have repeatedly noted that on store shelves along with quality water from the manufacturer can be falsified. In addition, open bottled water is not subject to long-term storage, because in time with time, various viruses, bacteria and fungi that do not die even when boiling can begin to multiply.

Benefits of purified water with special filters

Tap water can be used to make milk mixtures, but before that it should be filtered using a Vital Energy Baby cartridge designed specifically for cleaning baby food. With its help it is possible to purify water from pollution and microorganisms, while retaining the necessary amount of minerals necessary for the organism of a young child.

Artesian or spring water can be used in children's food only if you are sure that its composition meets the necessary requirements. Although this water can also be purified using special filters.

In addition, water purified by Vital Energy technology has other advantages. Using this cleaning system, you always get fresh, useful water. The use of a purification system is also a more economical way of obtaining quality water compared to bottled water, since there is no need for frequent purchases of water for the preparation of infant formula.

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