To saturate drinking water with alkali at home. Low alkaline water, obtained after the action of the mineralizer, prevents oxidation of the body.

The quality of the source water: purified by a filter.

Purpose: raise the pH of water to alkaline, lower the ORP of water.

Component-mineralizer: Ceramic balls, manufactured by innovative Korean technology. (The selected natural rocks are ground to the desired size and shaped into balls.) The firing under high temperature, which provides high porosity of the rocks).

Composition of food plastic, ceramic balls

Time of use from 10 min

Overall dimensions 56 × 30 mm

Water temperature from +4 to +30 ° C

Resource of mineralizer 400 * l

Service life from the beginning of operation no more than 2 months, regardless of the frequency of use

Antioxidant effect, which strengthens the body's immune system.

Alkalization of the body - with daily use of alkaline water, the body's resistance to disease increases.

Rapid assimilation of water - more efficient penetration of water into tissues, removal of toxins from the intestine, dissolution of even difficult to reach toxins.

Saturation with oxygen - due to the content of oxygen in the alkaline water, oxygen gets into the body more oxygen, which helps to break down hydrocarbons.

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